Ifttt do I need it?

Should I download the IFTTT app myself or is it already connected through wyze? Are there others of this type app that may be better for iOS compared to android?

IFTTT is used for integration between Wyze and other platforms. If you need that, you need the IFTTT app and an account on there. You can then link Wyze and any other platforms from the IFTTT app.

For integration between Wyze products, you can use Wyze rules, built into the WYZE app

What are you trying to accomplish? IFTTT is fine if it can do what you require. So can Google or Alexa depending on your needs.

I test drove IFTTT and found the UI easy to manage in creating applets, but I quickly learned that it is phenomenally overpriced.

You can test drive the free version to see if you find it useful. You only get 5 applets free.

@ $40\yr for only 20 applets, however: Nope! I have more routines in Alexa and Rules in Wyze than that and my Prime account or Wyze doesn’t limit me.

I found Google Assistant to be less useful than IFTTT.