What is IFTTT used for?

I need to understand what IFTTT is used for Help
Thank you

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To go a little further, for Wyze cams, ‘If This Then That’ lets you automatically arm/disarm your cams, turn them on/off, and manage your alert videos. If [some stimulus] Then [some action].

I don’t use it for my cams, but I do use it to tell me when to go running. We have a wide range of temperatures here, so I have one Applet that texts me to run if the outdoor temp gets above 45 degrees, and one that texts me to get to it before it gets too hot if it hits 70 degrees.

There are a wide range of companies with Applets available, have fun!


A Wyze related use for IFTTT would be to disable motion detection when you leave the house (for example, when your phone is no longer connected to your home wifi).

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I LOVE this community!! I’ve been intrigued by the ability to use IFTTT with Wyze (had never even heard of it before this group), but really only understood what it could do at a high level. I’m ready to start making my Wyze network more robust with the new Sense products and was going to ask if anyone had a IFTTT for dummies guide. A quick search of this group located a link to one already. I keep raving about these products and the support from users and the company to everyone; I’m so in love with it all! I just hope my family and friends don’t get tired of hearing about it and seeing videos of my goats!

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I am using IFTTT to send SMS and email alerts when wyze sense motion and contact sensors detect motion or a door is opened.

You get a text message using IFTTT ?
That’s super cool is it hard to setup?

It’s not overly difficult. I did have to use the platform to create my own applets since wyze does not have pre-built ones for sms from the motion and contact sensors. There’s also a limit on the number of SMS you can get per month for free, so I email my sms email address also in case I’m over the limit

Thank you for getting back to me

I think I read somewhere that IFTTT is discontinuing the SMS function totally.

Ah yes, here it is:

It still works today, but most cell providers also let you get an sms message through an email address. That works also. I currently have both set up for each of my notifications just in case. When there’s an event, I get 2 texts, one through sms directly, and one through email to text.

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