If you inserted an SD card by default does it record on it?

I didn’t see any way to set it up. and is it 24/7 recording that overrides the old footage when it runs out of space. and do you need to remove the card to see what’s on it?

After inserting so card,

  1. you will want to check your camera settings are what you wish. You check by hitting the gear icon, then advanced settings, then local storage, you have the option there for event recording or continuous.

  2. If you select continuous, it will record to sad card 24/7. If you run out of space it overwrites the oldest recordings.

  3. You can view the sd card recording via the wyze app, through the view playback button.

Hope this helps


Yes it helps thanks, and by default it was set to continuous.

I found that playback too, thanks

At first I couldn’t even find the gear button, I didn’t know you had to click on the cam first.