I wish the camera have a automatic reboot function

My cameras sometimes got offline - i have no idea what’s wrong with that but all i need to do is replug it and everything gets back. But this is annoying. So, can the firmware has a automatic reboot function when detecting the lost of connection?

Or, I can also accept a scheduled weekly reboot function so that it can keep healthy by itself. I accept planned outage rather than someday when you need to check the record founding the camara has died for long time.

Or, inform me in the app by pushing a message telling me any carmera is not working well!

Please vote this if you agree with me!!

You can set a rule to reboot the cameras on whatever schedule you wish. HOWEVER, that only works if the camera really is operational - even if it reports off line. If it truly is not connected to the WiFi, the rule will not work. Also note that in some cases you would NOT want an auto-reboot initiated by the camera any time it could not connect to the WiFi. For example, I have cameras in my truck that are off the WiFi any time I am not at home. I would not want those cameras to auto-reboot shortly after driving away from home as that would defeat the purpose of having them in the truck.

This needs to be in wishlist section of the forum. Maybe one of the moderators can move it…

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Yes this can an option that user to set. I believe most users are installing This at home, for your case a camara in truck a dash camera may serve the purpose better?