I want to get rid of the 5 minute rule but I do not want to upload continuous recordings

I just signed up for cam plus on a few of my cameras but not very happy with the settings in the app. I don’t see a way to set the recording length, I have crummy internet “I live out in the country” and want to limit how much video is recorded for instance I don’t want it recording constantly if its really windy and the trees start setting off the cameras etc.

I have sd cards in all of my cameras recording continuous only so I don’t need to upload continuous. 12 second recordings were fine I just wanted to change the 5 minute to maybe 2 minute between recordings etc.

You can’t currently adjust the cool down with the V2, V1, or Pan cameras. The outdoor camera lets you chose between 1,3,and 5 minutes for the cool down time. Cam Plus will work with the outdoor camera soon but it doesn’t currently.

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You may want to reduce false triggers by using sense motion sensors instead of the camera’s built-in pixel motion detector.