I turned person detection off

I had to turn person detection off. I am no longer getting normal notifications with it on and person detection is not doing a good enough job.

A person rolled by on a bike (many thieves are on bikes here) and it just detected motion. I was not sent a notification. I was sent a notification earlier in the day when a pickup truck drove down the street and the person detection thought it was a person.

Good in theory but in practice I dont get the notifications I need. Its not worth missing a potential chance to call the police and have them catch the thief.

If you want Person identification to work, you really need to turn it back on and send the wrongly-identified clips in using the button at the bottom of the notification screen. This will give Wyze an example to educate the next version of the AI algorithm. Even if they are on a bike, a person should be detected.

Now some examples of when they aren’t expected to be identified are when:

  • Where people are at a great distance (2 - 20 feet is optimal).
  • There are reflections and mesh-like materials between you and the person.
  • Under low-light conditions.

Also, no people are identified in “Smart” clips at this time. Has to be a standard motion clip, and those are subject to the 5-minute cool down.

Person identification is still in its infancy and the only way it will get better is with feedback to educate the AI. Until there is a new firmware update the identifications won’t change, but they need examples to educate the next version. Also, I have heard rumblings from Wyze that these examples we give them are only harvested periodically, so please don’t delete the clip immediately after you report it.