I paid for a subscription to CAMPLUS, and own 4 lightbulbs

How do I buy, and get on a list, for Wyze Cam V3? Right now I don’t have any Wyze cameras.

Hi @imhoff1 -Welcome to the Forum Community,
If you go to the Wyze. com site, click Navigation/Shop you will be taken to the Products Page. Click the V3 Cam icon and you will see the Currently Out of Stock notification and a link to sign up to be notified when they are back in stock.

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Thanks Tom, I have done that. A few days ago I got the message, when I tried to buy the camera, that I couldn’t because I hadn’t subscribed to CAMPLUS. So then I did. Hopefully I’ll be put on a waiting list. Thanks for your reply, Rob

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They do put you on - I signed up for the last list and made the cut. Unfortunately after receiving my order a few days ago I realized I wanted more. Back on the list!