I made it an outdoor unit

Decent camera for the price.
I modified it for Outdoor use, details below.

Nice! Thanks!

The problem with that outdoor solution, is that it won’t prevent average moisture from the air from entering the camera housing. And eventually the electronics will be damaged.

It appeared to be mounted under a roof, so direct rain is not likely much of a problem, but your cover should NOT be considered much in the way of weather protection. Your write up points out that there are holes in the top (with it mounted upside down), and none on the bottom. Therefore, and moisture that gets in will collect since there is no way out. Unless you live in a dry desert, this is doomed to fail - only a question of how long before it does.


Any other ideas on how to make it outdoor?? Or maybe any resources I could check besides here? Thanks for your help

I mounted mine undercover and used this Walmart canister as added protection.

Lid is double walled. Drilled hole large enough for screw head on inside wall and pilot hole for outside. Did not want to crush wall if over tightened. slight grove in canister rim under lid gasket to allow for power wire. 1/4" hole in bottom to secure camera.

Now I need the app update that will allow night setting without the IR LED’s because I have a separate IR spot light. The canister reflects the built-in IR LED’s.


If you don’t mind, can you tell me where you got your IR spotlight, and what kind it is, please?


I’m also looking for a potential weatherproof outside mount, but might not need it if your spotlight works for me, and they give us an app update allowing night vision without the IR leds.



I used this: http://a.co/d/cDKsGBl

I am not delighted with it & bought as an experiment. It does illuminated my primary target, a doorway but very little light throw beyond that. Until the app allows me to turn off the IR LED’s it is very difficult to see how well it works.

Is it always on?

Yes. I have 2 that record events only and always on. They both have 32G micro SD’s.