How do the cameras work inside/through glass?

I mounted my Pan Cam upside down beneath my deck in what I thought was a protected location but a rainstorm proved me wrong. Now I’m thinking of enclosing it in a glass mayonnaise or Ball jar to protect it from the elements. Of course the IR lights would have to be turned off, but I think the camera should work fine other than that, and motion detection should work as well, I believe. Anybody tried this or something similar? Thanks.

Good idea to protect the camera. My only concern right now is that the jar may be too confining and hold moisture that will definitely hurt anything in the jar. It may even “fog” the inside and blur the pictures. I have used the outdoor cam in rain storms and it’s great. I live in Chicagoland so I do take the camera inside in the winter since our temperatures can dip below -4. I just put it on the inside window sill for most of what I want to monitor. Good luck.

Right now I’m focused on getting the camera dried out and back to working again!

Most people simply install non-waterproofed cams under an overhang (like me). If you put them behind glass, you won’t be able to use their Infrared lights at night, because they will cause blinding reflections off the glass (which you already recognize). Also, audio is better when not in a glass jar.

There are also enclosures you can buy on Amazon, but if the enclosures have white fins extending out in front (no matter how small) they can reflect IR light back to the lens at night, creating a cloudy image.

So IMO, just mount it under an overhang.