I just want a recording when a person is in view

I’ve set up a V3 camera on my back porch. I don’t want recordings of squirrels or leaves moving, just if there is a person present. These are my settings. How do I get just people?

This feature was added in a recent FW version, make sure to update your app and firmware.

Everything is up to date. It correctly identifies a person. However, it records and notifies about everything, not just person detection.

By the looks of your screenshots, I will assume that the up to date Firmware you are on is

The feature to record only specific AI events, like Person Detection, along with AI specific notification toggles, was added in Firmware versions 4.36.10.xxxx and later.

Unfortunately, the current version,, is ONLY available to update the previous 4.36.10.xxxx versions that were halted due to problems.

You have a couple of options. If you stay on the version you have, you can keep your settings as they are. You should only be notified when there Is a Person Event.

While it will record all motion events to the Events Tab, you can use the Events Tab Filter (Funnel button) to select only the cams you want displayed and the Person events at the bottom.

You should be notified of a firmware update once the new 4.36.10.xxxx version has been released for system wide update.

If you would rather not wait, you can manually update your firmware by downloading and manually flashing it to your cam

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Thank you. You are correct, my FW version is

I will put up with the extra recordings until the official rollout of

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