I just received this via email - free shipping

Any idea why the free shipping offer at the Canadian site isn’t accepting the free shipping offer when I’m ordering 2 locks, which makes the total $200?

The code is: FREESHIP

I don’t know offhand. Do you have anything else in your shopping cart that might have a special discount on it? Like a Cam Plus subscriber discount or something? I know the website often only allows a single discount at a time and doesn’t allow discounts to be stacked, so that is one possibility. If something in the cart is showing a discounted rate automatically applied and then you try to use the coupon, sometimes that will cause an error and not allow the coupon to go through.

Let me tag @WyzeJasonJ and see if he knows what’s going on in this case…it could be a bug they need to fix. Let’s see if we can figure that out. Just don’t tell Gwendolyn that Jason’s doing work on the weekend if he pops in here today :slight_smile:


What error message does it give you when you try to use the coupon code?

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No other items except the 2 locks.

Thanks, that is helpful. Let’s see what Jason says then. Hopefully he’ll stop in today, otherwise he should almost definitely be working tomorrow.

I had a similar situation recently, where I was supposed to get free shipping and it wasn’t working (some kind of bug), and an employee just had me submit the order as is and then had me ask support to fix it, which they did.

You could even try contacting support and send them an email with those details and might get a response from them today for it. I have seen them respond by email on Sundays before.

One more question, are the Lock Bolts trying to charge $99.99 CAD each in your cart, or are they showing with a different price in the cart/subtotal area?

Would that help?

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Well done (thank you for blocking out all personal information per community guidelines).

When was that email with the coupon code dated for btw? (I am assuming it was sent out only to Canadians, so I didn’t get one to check the date myself, and I wasn’t able to find it in the current promotional terms and Conditions), though those are for the USA. I couldn’t find the one for Canada. But when I went to the Canada website, it suggested this week’s deal was:

That’s why I am wondering what date that coupon code email was sent out (in case it is an expired deal)

Something you could TRY doing…instead of placing your order through the app, you could try to do it through the website and see if the code works for you that way:

I know there have been some rare instances where a code will work in the app or the website, but not always both. I wonder if this is one of those times. It might be worth a try.

Try ordering one bold at a time.

See date…

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Can you try again and see if this is fixed?

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I just did, now is showing a different message.


I received an email today about the Outdoor add-on cams being available from the Wyze Canada store. The FREESHIP code is available for orders over $150. I get the error message that “FREESHIP isn’t available for your shipping address” as well.

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Are you both using shipping addresses that are in Canada? I assume yes but I have to make sure lol.

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For me, yes, the shipping address is in Canada. I bought something from the Wyze Canada store back in April.


I will get this reported.


Yes, the email that contains the offer is for Canadian orders.

I know it was intended for Canadian orders, that is why I wanted to verify the address was Canada because if it wasn’t I would expect the error. I have reported it and am awaiting a response.


I am being told they found the issue and fixed this, could you try again and let me know? Thank you for your patience.


Yes, @WyzeJasonJ, now it works!
Thank you for your support.


Glad to hear it works, thank you for reporting it.