Free Shipping Not Working for Two Wyze Floor Lamps

I put two Wyze Floor Lamps in my cart thinking I’d get the free shipping deal for orders over $125 and that isn’t happening. Why not?

Well place the order and see what happens…he’ll can’t be that much

Can’t be that much?! How about $33.48 for the shipping!

You can do your order and if it shows up after you checked out ,you can go back in and cancel the order…I just did it for the 2 flood lights and the order is gone

I understand that and I did that already. I’m trying to find out why the free shipping deal isn’t working for this product. It meets all the conditions for the deal.

I would say call/email wyze tomorrow

From what I can tell the Wyze floor lamps are currently showing as 54.99 so two would be 109.98 which is not quite to the 125 dollar threshold to get the free shipping. I just tested and when I add a 3rd lamp the shipping becomes free. The subtotal prior to tax is the amount that must be over 125


You’re right! I mistakenly looked at the total which included tax making it more than $125.