I did it, I ordered. How long does it usually take to ship the order?

Hey guys, I am new here, but I was going to do a DIY camera setup and use open source software and all that stuff, until I came across this cam. DIY pricing already done for me!

Was wondering how long it takes, as I usually buy stuff from Amazon, so I am a spoiled same day shipment kind of person. The longest I usually wait is 2 days.

So, how long does it take for them to ship the item? Pretty quick?

I ordered on first day available, they shipped the next day. The UPS mail innovations took 4 business day to receive. I’m spoiled by Amazon also but not too bad. I have 6 v1 and 2 v2 and 2 Pans. I may get more, this is addictive :slight_smile:

Ugh, UPS Mail Innovations.

It took longer for the post office to take the package handoff from UPS and deliver to my house than it did for UPS to ship it from the west coast to the east coast. What did that save, maybe twenty cents?

I ordered a Wyze Pan on June 1 which was a Friday. I was notified it had shipped on June 4 but it still seems to be in WA with a “projected” delivery date of June 9.

Thanks guys! I can’t wait to get them! Even if it takes a little longer than i want :slight_smile:

Ordered May 31. Was “projected” to deliver the other day. Still not here. UPS MI says that its in Washington. No response from UPS on where its at (Not surprising) or from Wyze (Very surprising) - No idea if or when my order will arrive.

I got them in, and I am surprised at how amazing these things are.


I will probably order some more. Great quality! It would be nice to officially support more than 32GB.