I can't connect my smart blinds to mesh router pro

HELP! I have a bunch of smart home devices. We just moved and I went all in on wyze everything (thermostats x3, cameras x alot, home security monitoring, mesh router pro x4, outdoor and indoor smart plugs). I use Google Home to control everything (may switch to Home Assistant at some point)

I am now adding smart blinds to the home. I purchased Allesin Smart Blinds after significant research into cost and ease of integration to Google Home. The Wifi Bridge requires a 2.4 Ghz connection. The bridge uses the Tuya app (I think you technically can also use the smartlife app). From what I can find online, this needs a dedicated 2.4Ghz SSID to connect the smart bridge to the app.

I have tried turning off the 5Ghz for the 20 min pause and then trying to connect and that doesn’t work. My old router would allow me to have a separate SSID dedicated to 2.4Ghz. Does the Mesh Router Pro have this feature? I cannot find it if so. Is there any workaround or solution?

I have an old Google wifi point that I was going to set up that I could dedicate to 2.4ghz but when I try and connect and set up that up alongside the mesh router pro, I think the mesh router pro is blocking it. Plus it is not ideal to have a second wifi setup.

I’m at a loss for how to make this work, and I can’t return the stupid blinds (in hindsight I would have just bought a more expensive, better brand).

Thanks for the help!
-Frustrated smart home newb

I ran into this in the past, check your phone or whatever you are using, it should show what you are connected to on 5 or 2.4. It seems that turning off the 5G does not work as we thought since the phone seemed to connect at 6.

What I did was move far enough away so my phone switched to 2.4, after that I was able to connect my device. Something to try.

You can setup the Wyze router with separate 2.4gHz and 5gHz networks, but you will need to reconfigure them. It is only an option when you first setup the routers and cannot be changed without completely resetting them.