I bought 2 Wyze Cam v2 and a Wyze Cam pan outside but now cannot even set up

I bought cables, stands for the camera… I upgraded my internet to Google Fiber. I tried to setup the 3 cameras again by adding device but it does not want to scan the QR code. It is so frustrating. I keep hearing the annoying sound that it is trying to scan but under all lighted conditions and so it does not even want to scan. I have done this many times but this time it just does not work . The cam pan is in a enclosed place so as the other 2 camera in the home. It is not good!

I’m sorry if this seems like a silly question. Are you using the actual camera to scan the QR code, or are you trying to scan it with your phone?

What is the exact error you are getting from the camera? Is it unable to scan the code or unable to connect to the network? Another stupid question: did you remove the plastic seal over the lenses?

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One more. Some people have reported on some phones that not all the QR code was displayed until they scrolled up a bit. Make sure that all of the QR code is visible.

Say something, @phillipK