Hub sense failover to wifi when no internet signal

The feature request is for Hub sense to fail over to WiFi if no internet connection is available on Ethernet.

I was trying to have the hub use my cellular hotspot WiFi as a fallback to downed internet connection.
Unfortunately Hub sense will not fail over to WiFi if internet connectivity is lost, it only senses if the cable is unplugged.
Thieves are likely to cut the coax or phone line, in which case the network stays but internet connection is lost. If hub sense switched to WiFi automatically, then any cellular hot spot with WiFi could be used as cellular backup for hub sense which would be a big plus for security.

This probably won’t be an answer you want…there are modems/routers that will automatically fail between two internet connections, including cellular. Something like that in the hub would probably be very difficult to implement and, assuming Wyze thinks it is a good idea, could take years.

@WildBill Yes, I plan to implement this inside my ddwrt router. I don’t think its hard to implement in the hub as I’m sure its aware it cant ping the wyze server but I do understand its not a one line change.

Just out of curiosity, have you tried configuring the hub to use wifi? Mine does and I can’t remember if you have to manually switch between ethernet and wifi. You could test by configuring wifi and then unplug ethernet.