Hub outside of USA

Hi, I live in Canada, and the monitor service does not work here. I use several Wyze devices on the app, and want to buy a water leak sensor, but cannot buy the hub without a monitor service which doesn’t work in Canada, which means I cant buy a hub, which also means I cant buy a water leak sensor. It is a circular reference …

Why can’t I buy a hub separately without a subscription so that I can use other Wyze products using only my WIFI ? It seems that you are eliminating a lot of sales by forcing a subscription that doesn’t work outside the USA.

Please respond. I really want to use as many similar products as possible, so that I don’t have multiple apps to control various devices in my home.

It’s something that has actively been discussed and they do plan on selling it individually without the monitoring service. We haven’t been giving a reason why they haven’t done so yet. I really wish I could give you more information as currently not being able to use the sensors without the hub but not being able to get the hub is a vicious cycle. Hopefully it’s something that comes soon. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help

I would get another vendor for that a good way to start is check them out at your local best-buy, home depot, Lowes