How to wire the V3 to 12VDC power circuit

I am trying to hardwire a couple of V3s into a 12V battery-powered setup in a remote shed on my property (no access to mains, only solar). If the cam is DC already (USB 1A), then… can I just cut the USB dongle end off and wire into something (what?) to step down the 12VDC to 5VDC and be done, or??? Keep in mind, please, this will be my very first attempt wiring ANYTHING besides a simple light switch or outlet on AC.

Read this then talk to the guy in the forest (bryonhu) or maybe his squirrel friend.

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Click the link @Antonius gave then my next post after running far away from the WCO has all if not more than the information you need.

You can message or post @bryonhu with your questions, or ask my squirrel… :joy:

But my bat Sparky can no longer help anyone

Sparky found out that the Buss Bar in my Electric Service panel shouldn’t be touched…

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You just need any type of 12V to USB adapter. Pretty much any of the automotive USB ports would work and some are panel mount if you want that as well. Here is an example of a dual port 12v to USB which would work fine. StickyDeal 2-Pack 12V 24V DC to Dual 5V USB Female DC Converter Adapter Step-Down Buck Module : Electronics

@byronhu @Antonius, Amazing responses… would never consider the WCO for exactly the reasons you mention… thanks so much for the quick reply and great information. Will see how this set up works on my gate too… it already has the lvd onboard. If that works will try for the shed.

@raym64, thanks for the link, it’s in my cart.

You’re welcome! Those work well, I’ve used similar many times.