Maximum voltage to Camera V3

I am trying to use old outdoor camera wiring to power my new Wyze V3 cam. 5 Volts USB can not make the 60 ft and still power the cam. Does anyone know if I Would I destroy the cam if I supplied the original wiring 12 Volt power to the Camera? What is the maximum voltage the cam can handle?
Thanks for any knowlege.

I don’t know if 12VDC would damage the camera, but would not want to risk it. I suggest something like this:


They also sell a similar device without the display that is slightly cheaper.

Welcome to the forums! Instead of running the 5v 60 feet, could you run a extension cord closer to the location? Or folks have some long runs with POE and then have a splitter with a adapter at the end to power the camera.


There are lots of adapters that will step down the 12V to 5V USB at the far end. This is one of the better and safer ways to power the cameras. Somebody posted the below unit here recently but there are many such options.

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