How to use wyze sense or cams to detect if fridge was left open

Recently had our standing freezer in our garage left open for over 24 hours before we realized, losing probably $500+ in food lost :crying_cat_face:

Has anyone figured out a way to use Wyze products to have an alert sent if the fridge door is left open for long than x number of minutes? Obviously I don’t want an alert every time it’s opened, only to be alerted when it has been left open.


Should be able to use Wyze Sense for this without much work. Place the sensor on the frame. Place the magnet on the door where it would trigger the sensor. Set a rule in the app to alert you if it is open for more than XX minutes.


I agree with @wayneluke, a Wyze Contact sensor will work perfectly for this. One thing to be aware of with ANY contact sensor is “close can be seen as closed” meaning do some experimentation to determine just how far the door has to be opened before it will trigger.


I have a contact sensor on my fridge. I placed on part on fridge door and the other on the freezer door so I know if either are open. Set a rule to notify me if it’s been open for 15 seconds. Works great dose go off when we are putting groceries away but I have it on 15 seconds so my kids don’t stand there and stare into it trying to find something.


Weird ok - when I asked Wyze support if it could do this (I haven’t bought Wyze sense yet, was investigating if this would work before buying), they said it couldn’t be done. Here was their response:

It can tell you if the status is open or closed, but is not specific to only if it has been open for said time frame. In the history it will show you each time it opened or closed, not just by instances that the door was opened longer than preferred. :slight_smile:

I may be wrong but when it first came out it was only open and closed notification. But now in the rules you can set it to notify you open, closed, been open for certain time frame or closed for certain time frame. It’s been that way for a while now.

Ok thanks for confirming - this feedback from Wyze support was just a week or two ago. Perhaps they misunderstood my question.

Thanks again!

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Very easy…this is a screen shot of a contact sensor notification. If I wanted to be pro, I’d also set up a trigger rule to turn on a light at the same time the sensor is open, or after it’s been open for so long.

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