How to use sd cards in cameras

So I open app,go to shop camera (outdoor),advanced settings,micro sd card storage,and it keeps coming up with camera sd card >format< and base station card not available.After I click formot,I get a very quick message that says Succesfully formatted.Card can be used normally.
Go back to camera setting and nothing has changed.Same routine.Is there no way to set cameras to record when motion is detected other than paying
Got 4 cards,4 camera >I would like to use cards

Recording to the SD card in the cam: Set the cam for scheduled event recording (motion only), set for 30 days, no cooldown period, and set the max duration of each video event to the length you want up to 5 Min. Use a good 32GB SD card. I’ve never tried a larger card that is formatted in exFat in the WCO, I have used a 64GB card formatted in FAT32. The video files are saved in the camera album under scheduled recording. If you tap a video to view in the album it will download to your phone/device and you can either play it from the Wyze app or from your device video player.

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