How to use entry sensor opening to wake my wife

Just picked up the home monitoring core starter kit. We specifically wanted a door sensor that would wake my wife if our child leaves their room in the night. What is the best way to do this? She has a Samsung Galaxy phone and we have a Google Home Mini. She wakes pretty easily. Is there a way to have the Google Home Mini make a sound when the door opens?

Typically her phone is on do not disturb at night and even during the day, it is usually on vibrate. Is there a way in a Samsung Galaxy phone to set one notification to play a sound even during DND?

We also have Wiz smart bulbs on our nightstands. Is there a way to turn on her light when the door is opened?

Welcome to the forums! One option is to go into The settings of the child’s room door sensor and edits the notification menu to something similar to what I have set up here:

If I leave the garage service store open for longer than 25 seconds I’ll get a app notification.

Another thing is that you can use rules within the wise ecosystem to activate other devices. And by “wiz” did you mean Wyze bulbs? Here is a rule I created to turn on a bulb if a door is opened only within a certain time frame.

I don’t use Google Home but I use the Alexa app and it’s routines for some automation also.


You can’t override DND at the sensor-level, but you can at the app-level. Note that this will allow all Wyze device notifications to break through DND. If you have cam(s) event notifications enabled, they will also wake up your wife.

Need to go into Android Settings > Apps instead of Android Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb settings:

Android Settings > Apps > Wyze > Notifications > click on the word “WyzeMessage” instead of the toggle switch > scroll down to the bottom and toggle on “Ignore Do not disturb”.


Thanks for the instructions. I am definitely going to have to investigate notification options. Right now I’m getting tons of notifications for the door and a camera, as well.

I managed to figure out how to turn on the lightbulb next to her bed when the door opens using IFTTT.

I posted my question before we really tried out the hub and sensor. Turns out that the beep the hub makes when the door is opened is sufficient to wake her (and doesn’t wake me…a definite plus).

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