How to update Firmware on Wyze Plug 2021 Version

How might I update the firmware on the Wyze Plug 2021? Since I installed them a few years ago new firmware was released at least 8 times but the App thinks they are up to date.

This is the current version: (January 3, 2023)
What version is on your plugs?

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All firmware updates on plugs are OTA thru the App.

UPDATE: Plug Firmware Versions can be checked and verified for the model (Pre-2021 “Original”, 2021, and 2022) on the Wyze Firmware Page:

Aha! After reading other posts Re plugs, I determined that the plugs in question are the original version and have FW which is the latest version for those oldsters. One of my newer versions of plug, a V2, has FW

And it appears that the only way to update plug FW is through the App which I suspected was the case.

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