How to turn off my outdoor cam from live stream?

I have an outdoor camera, the battery powered one, I’ve also got it connected to the solar panel. Once in a while. I’ll click it to look at the live stream. I can’t quite figure out how to turn the live stream off though. All I can really do is close the app. But sometimes I go back and it’s still live streaming. Other times it won’t be. Anyway, this uses up a lot of battery and I’d like to just be able to both turn it on and turn it off, that is put it back in motion detection mode. Am I missing something, is there any way to do this?

Tap the back arrow top left of live view and the cam will go from Live View back to it’s normal rest function until you either open it again or it detects motion.


Yeah, That’s what I do, it just shrinks from full screen but stays in live view. Seems this happened recently, maybe due to a firmware update?

It seems a recent app update has caused the back button to act as a portrait orientation button while in full screen. After exiting full screen the back button should take you back to your group or home screen.