How to set the weight goal in Wyze Scale X

I have set up my Wyze Scale X, but something seems odd - I am not able to set my weight goal as the slider is greyed out and so I cannot change anything. I am using Wyze app v2.33.0(b159) on Android.

Any pointers on how to solve this?

I moved your topic to the Beta category as you are running a beta app and potentially reporting a bug.

The Weight Goal slider is supposed to be greyed out. You should see a thin blue-green marker in the center. Swipe the weight slider left/right to adjust the weight goal. The goal result is displayed above the slider and a lose/gain value is displayed beneath. Please post a screenshot of your Weight Goal page.

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Did you click on the Reset button at the bottom, then attempt to adjust? After you have the desired weight, click Setup at the bottom.

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The line is not quite distinct. I suppose it should be made bold.
As @R.Good mentioned, I discovered that if I press the Reset button, then I could move the slider to set my weight goal, which is calibrated against that thin blue-green marker.
The setting isn’t as intuitive as I’d have loved (I have another smart scale from someone).
The line should NOT be thin, and I suppose it’s also trivial to just let someone enter a figure on that page. I hope Wyze will do something about it.


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