How to set 12/24 time format on Band?

I can not find the setting for: Added support for 12hr/24hr time format change

Android Samsung S20 Utra

Wyze App Beta 2.12.9

Band Plugin Version 1.3.69

I don’t own a Band, but @WyzeAndy should be able to help you.

It is part of the new Beta release as posted here. I asked in that thread but the question was not noticed so I started a separate thread.

I’m using Wyze App Beta 2.12.9 as well didn’t see anywhere to set the time to 24 hour. I see where the added the display duration time under settings which is great. I can adjust how long the display stays on now. I haven’t found 24 hour time on the band yet. Maybe it will be on Beta v2.13.

On iOS if you switch your phone to 24hr the band switches also


Ding ding ding. That’s the ticket. Changed my phone to 24 hour time and then synced the Band. Thanks


Master mind :+1:

I always have my iPhone on 24hr and after this update was pushed I still saw no change to the band display reading 24hr. In the app, when I click on my band under devices the display shows 24hr (ie 23:21 last night but my actual band on my wrist still showed 11:21).