Wyze Watch 47 - Time Display

Received my watch today, and I am struggling with the time display. It only seems to be able to show 12-hour time with a leading zero for 1 digit hours. I’d prefer if there was no leading zero for 12-hour time and the ability to switch to 24 hour time. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

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This is currently not an option. You should create a #wishlist item for this if one hasn’t been created yet.

12/24 hr on the watch follows how time format is set on the phone date/time settings.


Thanks. I suppose that makes sense. The leading zero on the 12-hour times still bugs me.

Wyze Watch 47 24hr clock format

Please add a setting for 24hr clock display. It would be very helpful to so many (medical/police/fire and rescue/military) to be able to switch the time display from 12hr to 24hr.

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As FreLardian noted above, the 12/24-hour display on the Watch follows the format set on the phone/tablet. My Watch 47 displays 24-hour time as my phone is set to 24-hour time.

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