Wyze Band 24 Hour Time

I updated my watch yesterday when the update came out. I got sidetracked after the update and forgot to switch it to 24 hour time, which I prefer. Today I remembered, went in and suddenly it was on 24 hour time despite me not selecting anything. I’m not complaining by any means.

The issue is my husband also has a Wyze band and he prefers 24 hour time as well, but when he clicks on the clock screen in the app he only has options for 12 hour time. Because I didn’t do anything to get it over to 24 hour time we have crawled all over the options in the app, in the band, and in the band’s part of Wyze’s app and can’t find anything to select 24 hour time.

Anyone know where to find this option so we can get this fixed for him?

UPDATE (We figured it out and thought we’d pass it on): Just figured out there was no option for it in the app… the difference was that my phone is set to 24 hour time, his wasn’t. He changed his phone’s clock to 24 hour time and the watch automatically went to it as well. Just a heads up for anyone that is looking for it.