How to remove spotlight from Cam V3?

I’d bought a spotlight to play with together with my V3 cam. However, I’d subsequently bought a window mount to use, and besides the spotlight being useless for me due to glare, the mount doesn’t allow for it anyway, so I’ve physically removed my spotlight and it’s back in its box.

Despite it not being there, the camera continues to think its still attached, showing spotlight status in the app, and now more annoying, is now offering me a firmware update for the spotlight. I imagine I could delete the camera from my account and reinstall it as a new camera to get around that, but I’d prefer a less draconian solution.

Is there an easy way to get the camera to realize the spotlight is not attached? I would like my camera to behave as if it never was.

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I don’t have the spotlight, but did you go to the settings area of the camera containing the spotlight, tap in Accessories and then Spotlight? There may be a delete or remove from their. May be in a settings for the spotlight


Yes, I did go into settings, and no, there wasn’t a delete/remove option. In fact, from Accesories->Spotlight, it correctly behaves as though there is no spotlight, offering me the option of buying one, or a link to click if I have one installed that it didn’t previously recognize. That link only gives an error, rightfully so given there is no light installed.

I believe you will need to remove and re-add the device. I had this happen as well when I was testing something with the spotlight but didn’t need it where I deployed the camera.

I actually have another device doing this as well and it is constantly asking me to update the spotlight firmware but… to cold and to high to remove and re-add at the moment. But I totally will if you want validation. :slight_smile:

Power cycle the camera since you removed it,and sign out of app and back in