How to reconnect Wyze Cam Pan 1080p to changed home network

I have 2 Pan Cams and both were working fine. But I had to change my home network configuration and now I’m not sure how to get the cams working. I receive my service supplier’s internet service via wifi. That receiving modem/router is connected to router (cable) to extend the distance of the signal. I connect my laptops to that router (wifi). However, my cell phone doesn’t usually work well with the home network. To resolve that, I have a ZTE MF92OU mini modem that lets the phone pick up a signal independent of the home network, no matter whether I’m home or out and about.

I’m not at all sure how to connect the cameras into this system. The cams are nearest to the modem receiving the service supplier’s incoming wifi signal. I need to see the cam images on my cell phone.

Thanks if someone can guide me.

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Go through the setup process - as if it was a new camera with your phone connected to the new WiFi. You do NOT need to remove the camera from your account first. It will simply update to the new WiFi.

Have you tried deleting the camera and starting new again reinstall it a new set up on it?

I don’t understand your network topology, can you draw it, and post a picture?

You say you receive your service supplier’s internet service via wifi, then say the receiving modem/router is connected to a cable router. If it has a cable, how is it receiving wifi? Then you say your phone is on 4G because there is no good wifi. But a phone can do 4G without a gizmo that translates it to wifi, so big ‘?’ there.

Most people have a cable coming into their house, then that hits a modem that translates it to Ethernet. Then the Ethernet typically goes to a router that continues to distribute the network via Ethernet & adds a wifi access point. So, with that in mind, show us how yours is different, and at what point you are having issues connecting?

This reply does not take into account the other replies received, which I have read and am considering. ALL REPLIES are gratefully receieved.

Johnsmith, I have a diagram but can’t see how to upload it. So, in words…

The internet supplier’s signal enters my house via a 4G parabolic antenna on my roof. That is hard-wired directly to a modem. the modem has an ethernet connection to a router (to extend the signal). When using the home network, my cell phone and laptops connect by Wifi to either the router or modem but signal strength means I always choose to connect to the router.

My Samsung Galaxy J7 often has problems with the signal, even from the router. But more importantly, when away from home, the network supplier’s signal is often poor and I had a minimal contract (so internet access is used up in less than 24 hours each month). To give me a better connection when out and about and unlimited internet, I was supplied with a ZTE MF920U, which acts as a mobile hotspot. I can connect either laptop(s), cell phone or all to the ZTE when at home, which I do if the home network is poor (which it can be, frequently).

The laptop could be used to view my Wyze cams but, in practice, I use my cell phone to monitor events,w ether I’m at home or not.

With this overall setup, i don’t know what to connect the Wyze Cams to (and I hope I still have instructions on how to connect them but am not sure I do). While the laptops and phone are almost always nearer to the router, the cameras (2) are nearer to the modem.

No, not yet. I tried rebooting the camera but it failed to connect.

OK, I’ll try this. (Now i need to find where I put the original connection instructions. )