How to Post a review for Wyze Cam v3 Pro

So I have looked on other posts on how to do this but they are not correct anymore. When I go down to the reviews there is no way to submit a review that I can see. There is no “write a review” option.

Where it says “Review this Product” and has 5 stars, I click on the star and nothing happens. I don’t get a box to write anything. It just does nothing. I am using a browser with NO plugins or addons installed…so vanilla.

Am I missing something?


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Nope. I just tested this and it does the same for me. I tried while both logged out of my account and logged in. I will ask some questions thru channels to see if we can get some Wyze Eyes on it, but given that we are in a Holiday weekend now, it may be until next week before anything is seen.


It has been over two weeks now and nothing has changed. What is happening? Is Wyze trying to prevent people from posting negative reviews because it seems that they have been getting a lot recently?

I ran it up the flagpole. I don’t have any visibility as to if it was picked up or not. There is no feedback. I’m confident it is not intentional as they would be also prohibiting good feedback submissions.

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This is ridiculous this is the worst home security camera ive ever had or seen… 1 of 3 cameras work i cant even go live if im away from Home i will never buy these cameras or from this company ever again… Thanks for having me waste over 300 dollars on garbage…

I bought one and have had it installed for one week. It has gone offline 4-5 times including TWICE today. Seeing as these are OUTDOOR cams and it is RAINING, it really SUCKS to have to go out in the rain on a soggy lawn to keep unplugging and plugging in the camera. Where is the quality control. Sadly I bought two but haven’t installed the other one yet so I’m missing out on double the “fun”.

Your cam is plugged in outdoors on the soggy lawn?

The camera is on top of an AC unit. It crapped out again. I unplugged and plugged it in twice today and it kept going offline. I just swapped it out for a standard V3 cam.

My V3 PRO has been in operation since November 2022 and has never crapped out. Have you tried a different 5 Volt 2 Amp power adapter or cable? You can use a V3 cable but not the power brick because the one for the V3 is 5V-1.0 A. I have two V3 cams plugged into a box like the put I also put two smart plugs in the box and plugged the power adapters into them so I don’t have to go outside to power cycle them for any reason…

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Wyze sucks I’m changing to the ring. Money put for crappie services