How to Install SD Card?

I need instructions on how to insert and lock in my SD card please

Here is the FAQ on how to insert a MicroSD card into a V3:


Mahalo—much appreciated!!

Mahalo, huh? Pleased to see that as a reply. And Mahalo Nui Loa to you too. :slight_smile:

Muchas Gracias!!

I have installed my sd card correctly and it always says sd card not available. I tried taking it out and re inserting it and restarting the camera but every time not available. Please help

Since you are installing the first one correctly and it is still having problems, do you have a second SD card you can try? If the second one is also having the same trouble it would indicate other things should be looked into, but it’s best to rule this out first.

How many GB is the SD card you are trying?