Can't Seat micro sdCard in Cam v3

Can’t Seat micro sdCard in Cam v3. I’m putting it in properly: contacts up and facing the camera. Goes in partially, but never completely. Never clicks in place…

Any ideas?

If someone else’s fingernail doesn’t do the trick, maybe time for a return?

If you can’t get it down with a fingernail, then you’ll need to use something as thin as one to make it click. The rounded end of a paperclip might work. I hate that companies make openings like that. I have nails, but sometimes (like when I’m taking one out of my dash cam behind the rear view mirror, it’s next to impossible to maneuver a finger to get my nail in there. I think every device should have a little thing tethered to it that can be used to get a card in and out.

Honestly, still better than the fiddly SD / SIM trays on mobile phones. So easy to misload.


Oh man, I noticed that when I got a new phone (edited to remove “camera”) that takes the sim tray. I used to be able to open the back of the camera and take out the storage card to retrieve photos. But now I have to take the whole tray out that contains both that and the sim card. I hate to say stupid, but what a stupid idea that was.

Much much better than the SD card socket on an Amcrest dome camera.

Have to remove the dome top as the SD card is not accessible externally.

Then you had to slide a metal piece back, lift it up, insert the SD card in the socket, flip the cover back down, then slide it in the opposite direction to lock it.



I want to clarify your wording. The contact end of the uSD card goes in first with the contacts on the side towards the front of the camera. This is backwards as compared to the V2 camera where the contacts face towards the rear of the camera body.

Yes, that’s correct. I worded my question poorly.

That’s like the SD card trays on some of my old Blackberries!

SIM Card? In a camera? You doing hunting-trail camera setup? :slight_smile:

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With a picture :grin:

Haha thanks! I edited it. I do that a lot, calling my phone a camera. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: