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Received 2 Wyze Video doorbells, both installed, but using same settings, Video on one is clear and in full color, the other is monochrome but in pink. I have tried to reach customer support. using the online service request, i get in to an endless loop. I type the issue and the site asks to clarify and offers 4 products to choose from, none of which are video doorbells, I can’t even submit a request since I cant get any farther. The Wyze site says live support is available but there is no link or contact information.

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I’m having the exact same problem with the Wyze Video Doorbell that I received and installed today. Auto or “On” night mode, the entire screen on the app is monochrome-pink. So, for now I’m leaving the night mode “Off” and get a black/white screen while using the app on our phone(s). I’ll let you know if I figure this out. But, very disappointed

Sounds like a stuck IR-Cut filter. You can try tapping the top of the doorbell with something like a screwdriver handle to un-stick it or try sweeping a magnet up and down in front of the lens if tapping doesn’t work.

Live customer support is available here

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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WHY isn’t that phone number showing up on the link?

I was able to get a quick response via email to They haven’t resolved my issue yet. Still trying to figure out why my new Wyze doorbell’s display on my phone (and other devices) is a monochrome pink during the day. Steps we’ve taken so far are to turn the night mode off/on, reset the device through the app, and power off/on via the circuit breaker. If anyone has other suggestions; I’m all ears. Asking for a replacement since this one seems to be bad out of the box.

You have a stuck IR cut filter. Try switching it into day/night auto mode and waving a powerful magnet up and down in front of the lens.

Thanks for the suggestion, speadie. But, I’ve already tried that. No luck.

Then you probably need a new doorbell camera, Although a powerful enough magnet should be able to force the IR cut filter into the off position. I as able to externally force my camera into night vision mode with an old hard drive magnet, and the camera detected it and switched modes, even though night mode was set in software to be “off” You might have a loose wire inside or a bad switch- either way, this should be something they fix by sending you a new camera, it’s obviously a hardware defect.

Thanks again, speadie. I’ve asked for a new one. But, Wyze support is quiet today. Hopefully they’ll come through. I own and plan to buy other Wyze products. This case will be my first test of their support team.