How to flash v2 what file do I use

I’m trying to flash my V2 cameras I don’t know which file I’m supposed to use like to put on the SD card to flash it

You will find all Wyze firmware on this link. Which v2 firmware version you pick might depend on your situation. If for example the most recent is causing problems, I would try one version back.

Here is more info on the manual flash procedure if needed.


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Here are the instructions on how to Factory Reset your cam and Flash the Firmware. The link @StevenA posted is where you will get the firmware for your V2 cam. There, if you select the V2 cam, you will see blue links of the firmware version number that will download a .zip file. The .bin file you need is inside that zip and will need to be extracted to the 32GB SD card you use. For the V2 Cam, the file will need to be renamed to demo.bin if it isn’t already. Make sure your computer shows you the file extension (.bin) before you rename it. If your computer isn’t showing you that file extension and you add it, the file will actually be demo.bin.bin and it will fail.


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Do you have a problem you want to fix with an SD card manual flash? Otherwise just let normal camera over-the-air firmware updates do the trick. :slight_smile: