How to download video recorded to local storage

My wife is a kindergarten teacher and she’s attempting to make a video of caterpillars turning to butterflies for her kids to watch online. I’ve got a WyzeCam set up on them, and continuous local recording is enabled to a 32gb MicroSD card. But when all is said and done, how do I access this continuous video? Is it all on the MicroSD card as one large video file? Just need to plug the MicroSD card into my laptop to pull it off? What format is it stored in?

Also, if I set it to do a TimeLapse, is the TimeLapse created independent of the continuous video recording? Or is it “one or the other” so to speak? Just looking for the best possible outcome here for my wife’s class!!


Let’s see if I can answer all for ya:

Time lapse are stored in the SD card within the camera, and that function is separate from continuous recording. The time lapse video is retrieved by downloading it via the app, or pulling the card and getting it from the time lapse folder.

The continuous video is viewed by clicking “playback” when live viewing a camera. If you want to save large swaths of coverage, then the best is to put the card and retreive the files off the card. They are saved in one minute increments, in folders for every hour. If you want to save smaller bits of video, you could as the video is playing, click the record button on the live view or playback pages, then click off record when done. I see this used best if wanting to save a short clip, to a few minutes. This saved the new video file to your devise that you are using.


@Omgitstony Thanks for all the great info. If I can indeed to timelapse and continuous video recording at the same time, then I may try setting up a timelapse of all this as well.

As for the video being stored locally in 1-min increments, I’m guessing I can just take them all into Quicktime and merge them into a single file in the end, which is perfect.

Yep, just put them into a video editor and merge them. I missed a good weather event and didn’t set up a time lapse before hand. So I did just that, took all the file s and stitched them together, and sped them up.

One thing I did encounter though was that the files are labeled “01”, “02”, etc. So if I did more than one hour at a time, I had “01”, “01”, “02”, “02” in the video editor. No way to tell them apart from hour.