How to confirm time and date set on Wyze Thermostat

Just installed my new Wyze Thermostat yesterday. I understand that the unit uses the internet connection to sync time and date, but how do I confirm what time and date is set? The reason I ask is because it doesn’t seem like the unit is following the schedule I’ve set for sleep, home, and away. I cannot find a time and date setting on the unit or the app. Thanks!

You gave it your address, it sets time zone and time based on that.
If you walk in front of the furnace when it is set to away, it will sense you and reset to home.

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Got it. Thanks!

I have the same issue. I set it to heat to a temp at 5:00am and it does not start until at least an hour later.

Same but I think mine is 2 hours! The upstairs thermostat is not the like that.