Thermostat acting like in different timezone - Solved

I started to write up a post about one of my thermostats (1 of 3 Wyze wifi thermostats) that has been acting weird like it was not synched up with the others properly as far as time. Well, I decided to do a reset to factory settings and reinstall it and now it seems to work good. I thought I was losing it, each time I checked, it would be doing something weird, but now it seems to follow the schedule I set up,
So far so good.

I would say this should be one suggestion for Wyze, but the thermostats should have some place in the app where you could see what time it thinks it is, because I don’t see in the app a place that displays the device’s own clock. Device Info would be a good place to display that (or right on the home screen somewhere. nothing wrong with showing date and time. if it is wrong, people would notice right away and address the issue.

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