No Daylight Savings Time Adjustment - Thermostat

Looks like a SW update is going to be needed. Daylight savings time took place last night and the thermostat didn’t adjust for it since it’s past my scheduled time for moving from sleep to home mode.

Probably going to have to be a manual adjustment pretty much forever since the ‘rules’ for going to/from DST are not universal.

Your specific address is part of the set up so there should be a way it can be done. Or a simple DST toggle could be added.


I find this a little odd, all my cameras updated to be correct when I tapped sync time.

Not sure where it’s synced from but I’d bet on your router/phone/ISP since that would be a source for your local time.

And here I was assuming it was off a server all this time.

A toggle would certainly be the easiest to implement but that wouldn’t be much easier than actually changing the time by 1 hour + or -. Just do it when you’re changing the rest of the clocks in your house.

Good suggestion, but both router and my phone show the correct time after the daylight saving time changed. I don’t see any place in the Wyze app to “sync time” for the thermostat. To accomodate daylight savings time with the thermostat schedule, the only way I can do it is by setting each time block off by an hour (i.e. if I want the temp to go up at 7:00a, I need to set it for 6:00a during daylight savings time).

Go to settings > advanced settings , sync time should be at the bottom, at least that is where it is with the bell and cam V3


Thanks but nope, it’s not there for the thermostat. I looked through all places and there is no time or daylight savings adjustment anywhere.

All my cameras automatically adjusted for DST

Guess Wyze overlooked this in the Thermostat

Maybe… I am trying to deep dive settings via google as I don’t have a thermostat. I have the feeling it’s there, that would be an awfully big oversight.

I don’t own the thermostat but how did the date/time get set initially?

Yes until very recently I thought that too but apparently Wyze products synch only with a single phone’s time, which is surprising and disappointing.

They have you specify your street address location. I assume they are using that or grabbed time from your phone or router (and don’t have any provision for updating it after set up.)

This assumes that the core Wyze development team is actually doing the thermostat development. :thinking:

I don’t think they are

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My Doorbell, too. Watermark still displaying EST.

Makes no difference - Wyze branded it, Wyze is selling it, Wyze is responsible for what they’re selling.


No argument here, I agree. Just making an observation … if so, it’s added complexity which puts more emphasis on good product mgmt.

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Update: This morning, my Wyze Doorbell is now displaying the correct time.