No Daylight Savings Time Adjustment - Thermostat

While there is no where in the software to see what time the thermostat “thinks” it is, I can report this morning it came on at the correct time vs. yesterday coming on an hour late. So sometime within the last 24 hours it did update to daylight savings time on its own. They must have it reaching out to sync the time at least once a day likely based on the address you have set up for it.

If that’s the case Wyze still missed the boat by not doing the time sync at 2:00AM which is when DST changes take effect. :unamused:

Agree that it should have happened at 2:00a, but at least we now know that we don’t have to change schedules in the thermostat to compensate for the time change if you wait. Ideally they should roll an update in a future release to align it correctly.

My Wyze pan cam changed for DST - but it didn’t change the alert notification times. I wanted them from 1115pm to 6am, and after getting pinged for movement at 630am Monday noticed that it shifted to 12:15am - 7am.

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Be careful what you wish for - Wyze has a long history of breaking as many things as they fix with many/most of their S/W and F/W releases. Testing is not their strong suit.