How to clear the SD card of recordings?

How do I clear the SD card of recordings that I don’t want anymore? Do I have to reformat the SD card to accomplish this??

Reformatting will certainly accomplish this, under normal recording it will record over the oldest first once it is full. If you do wish to delete some before that, the only ways I am aware of are:

  1. Reformat
  2. Remove from camera and put in a PC, find the videos you want deleted, you will find them recorded in a bunch of 1-minute files.

Yes, if something embarrassing is recorded on your SD card, reformat it. Otherwise in 3 days it will be gone by overwrite (32 GD card, HD mode).

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Thanks for your prompt replies.

I’m sorta surprised that there’s no feature to easily clear any or all recordings on the SD card. Formatting seems to be a rather drastic measure and removing the SD card to selectively delete files in a PC seems tedious.

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Formatting takes seconds. How is that tedious? Simplest thing you can do. And BTW, I never need to do it, why do you?

They meant the removing SD card and deleting files one by one was tedious. Which I agree but formatting is quick and painless.

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I will share my experience with my SD card. I removed the SD card, placed in my card reader on my pc. Opened the file, “Selected All” (files on the card), hit delete. POOF! :thought_balloon:All videos gone in a matter of seconds. I put the card back in my cam and all back to normal. Very easy to do. :grinning:


It is not uncommon for other brands to have a ‘delete all’ function in their product. It exists on Blink and Samsung I agree that this is something that would be helpful. I am several hundred miles away from my cameras and there are many recordings on them every day for security purposes. It is not feasible for me to remove the sd card, insert it in my computer, delete the ones I want, and replace the card in the camera.


If I have a 64gb card and format it in the camera will it be formatted as 64 or 32. I know the pc will format it as what size it is but the instructions makes it seem like the camera doesn’t like 64gb cards. And 64gb cards have to be formatted exfat no fat 32 so what does the camera format a 64gb card exfat or fat 32 if it formats it in fat 32 will the card still work.

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I was looking for the same information. There’s a whole discussion here. MicroSD Card Capacity


I tried to format mine 3x now. The recording for the last 3 hours are still on the file. I don’t have a computer to put the sd card in and I want the video deleted. No matter how many times I reformat it keeps the last 3 hours of video on the sd card.

When the formatting is done, just reboot your cam in the application.