How to cancel donation?

I wanted to donate once but notice it is taken off monthly. How do I cancel the donation and still keep Cam plus? If I can’t find out how and will cancel everything.

Assuming you are talking about Cam Plus lite (not regular cam plus), just go to and log in, go to account, find cam plus light and select edit and change your amount to a custom amount of $0. Then you will keep the service without an on-going payment.


Reg. Cam Plus that gives you more than 20 seconds. I can’t find out how to cancel the monthly donation so I’ll cancel the subscription along with the donation. Too bad.

Regular cam plus requires a monthly payment, there is no way to keep it for free (excluding temporary free trials for the first couple of weeks), it isn’t a donation, it’s a required subscription.

But if you are still talking Cam Plus Lite instead (the one that is name your own price):

Go to
Click on My account:

Select Edit:

Then select $0, or if that doesn’t show up, select Custom, and then enter $0.

That’s it, no more paying for Cam Plus lite.

Or you can contact support for help:

Or you can just cancel…don’t misunderstand, I don’t work for Wyze, it doesn’t affect me either way. I am just trying to help you get what you said you want…but canceling is an option if you decide to do that, but a big point is that in order to cancel on your own you still have to basically go through the EXACT SAME steps as you would to change it to $0, so if you can get to that cancelation screen on your own anyway, then you’ve already found the place to change it to $0 since it’s the exact same place.

Or, you can always have customer support help you. That’s what they’re there for.

I hope you get things worked out the way you want :+1:


That got me there. Never would have found it without your help.


That’s wonderful! Thanks for the follow up. I’m always happy to hear a good resolution.

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