How to apply CamPlus license to shared camera

I am so incredibly angry that I cannot just email this question to Wyze. The only support option is to call. I can’t talk on the phone right now. How does Wyze assist the hearing impaired? Everyone has to register at a forum to get text based support from a “community” instead of from the actual company they are TRYING to give their money to?

I ordered two cameras and a base station via the Wyze website. My spouse set up the first camera on our front porch. In that process my spouse downloaded the app and made an account. Now apparently the camera is attached to only my spouse’s account. I didn’t realize that this was an issue until I purchased a CamPlus license just now and the app is telling me I can’t apply the license to the camera my spouse shared with me. I bought this camera, it is six feet away from me on my own front porch, but I have a useless license now? Why is this not easy? How is anyone in a “community” going to help with an account issue? Why do I have to be able to speak on the phone to get help??

First of all, there is an to text chat with support on the support page. It works fine - and of course works for a person who is hearing impaired.

Second, the easiest solution to your problem is for you to setup the camera which will attach it to your account. Then you can apply the CamPlus license to that camera. Then share the camera with your wife.

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Like @K6CCC stated, online chat is an option instead of phone calls.

Instead of sharing an individual camera, another option is to share the login information of the master account instead. My wife and I share a single login username and password for our main account with what I have set up for our main house dodads.

To use the camplus now you’d need to resetup the camera into your account then either share the camera, or share the login info with her.

There was no chat. The only button was to call.

Welcome to the Forum Community, @cscjohnston - sorry you are having issues. I don’t know if there is/was a problem with the online chat when you tried or not but I just followed the link that @Omgitstony correctly provided and was able to reach Chat.
It may have been a timing issue when you tried - I had to scroll to the bottom of the page before the Question screen appeared, then go thru a series of pro forma questions before the option for Live chat appeared. I tried twice- first time a question box appeared in the center of the screen, second time a very small chat icon was in the lower corner.
Hopefully it will work for you note.

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Yes there is: