How to adapt to a new mobile phone

My current mobile phone controls my two Cam Plus accounts. But I want to upgrade to a new phone. Does this mean I have to cancel the two accounts and start all over again?

No, when you get your new phone, you will only need to install the app and logon with the same credentials.

Make sure you know your UserID, Password, and 2FA information - if active.

I have the app on 4 phones and logged in as me.


Thanks for your quick response!

You say logon with the same credentials. But I logon using my desktop! I tried logging on with my mobile phone (from the app) and found myself simply unable to do it!

Will it work if I logon from my desktop? That would be great – but I don’t understand how logging on from my desktop will fill the new Wyze app with the correct information.

Please forgive my ignorance – my only excuse being my age (I’m 87).



Sorry for the delay in response.

When you get your new phone you will download the Wyze app and install it. Once installed start the app, this will prompt you to logon.

Once you log in, the Wyze devices will populate as they are stored on the Wyze servers. You will be able to control the devices from the phone as you have before.

Also note, other than the Wyze web view, for cameras, and the Wyze forums and web sites, there is no Wyze computer app to control all devices provided by Wyze.

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Thanks very much for clearing things up – I’m very much relieved!



Make sure you have this…if you don’t, and you don’t have access to your old phone, you may lose access to your account. It might be a good idea to temporarily disable 2 factor authentication if you have it turned on, or make sure it is set to send you email for the code.