How To Access AWS Cloud Event Videos (Wyze Cam v2)

Purchased and installed two Wyze Cam v2’s. How do I access the “Free rolling 14 days of Event Videos stored in the AWS Cloud”? Thx.

Click on the Events tab in the app.

Thanks for the quick reply. When I click the Events tab, I get “Nothing to see here.” Do I have to do something to establish the AWS cloud events? Thanks again.

You don’t really have to do anything. I’ve seen other posts about the same problem.
How long have the cameras been set up?
You could try logging out snd back in to the app.

They could have forgotten to enable motion capture in the camera’s settings. That was my problem.

Cameras have been setup for about a month.

I just enabled the event recording for when motion is detected. That might be it.

I’m curios to see what the default AWS cloud recordings look like, and then I can evaluate if I need local SD cards, or maybe the new Wyze cloud feature that has the fee.


You’ll quickly find out you’ll want an SD card or to upgrade the the pay service. The free cloud records are only 12 seconds, which in many cases, is not long enough. For instance, maybe you have a camera watching your driveway. A car pulls up into frame, set off motion detection and even recording. Car pulls up driveway… who is it? Who’s in the car? Car parks… door swings open, and bam, recording stops. 12 seconds is up. Now there’s a 5 minute cool down before another motion event can happen. You’ll never know who got out of the car.

With the SD card, it continues to record until the motion stops. So you can start with the event… if you need to see more, with the click of a button, you switch over to the SD card recording (View Playback), and you can see the entire thing.