How strong is the magnetic mount

Will the wind blow my outdoor cam away?

it’s pretty strong…strong enough for 2 cams 1 mount :slight_smile:


Two cams pointed in the same direction, may I ask why :question:

There’s a good reason, but I can’t divulge why

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I hope you aren’t trusting security to WYZE products… the company that just hired a financial guy. Have they hired security people yet? :slightly_smiling_face:

Ha ha ha ha… Omg Ha ha ha… :smile: :rofl:

Stereo for a headset or one for secure access? Nice mount.

I was hoping to see a bowling ball test. :slight_smile:

Security, no. Wyze Cams are not meant for security :grin:

Interesting is the fact that when comparing popular “Security” cameras, Wyze is right there… So that indicates to me that the Wyze cameras on whole are considered “Security cameras”.

They haven’t hired a ‘Notifications or Detection’ guy either

this thread is about the magnet strength not the bs “security” debate…or notifications/detections

I have two top-mounted (weak side) like @Ken.S’s example. Both survived several 50+ MPH storms this week. One has been quarter-sized hail bombed, the other has been repeatedly pecked and licked by birds. :rofl: Neither has budged the slightest.


Johnny 5 is alive!

Ya don’t say… Hmmmm I should have checked I guess

The same cam survived being molested by a raccoon tonight… camera didn’t budge. Time to relocate cam for next set of tests. :+1: