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Recent experienced a strong CAT2 water soaking high wind gust blowing hurricane
My Wyze Cams that I have posted outdoors handled it With minor mounting vibration there was still a great picture quality and unbelievable sound capture
At gusts of over 100mph, my out door cam WITH its cool cowboy hat did take a tumble from the magnet. It did take a heavy gust but finally gave.
We recommend Wyze products And storm approved haha


Yep the cams are good, mIne have been baking @117° and still function fine. The problem is the software. Glad you’re safe, post video!

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Overall good experience with Wyze products.

I think it all has to start with solid hardware. Then let the software engineers work their magic to bring us the stability and functionality that the hardware is capable of! (Of course, there will always be a time when the hardware becomes obsolete… But hopefully that wont be till a long while!

May need to swap out the cowboy hat for a sailor cap during storms.


No cam video as spouse cleared all files as we had many with the hours of storms recording
Agreed I need a sailors cap or Air Force

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