Could Wyze Cam Outdoor be blown off the base in strong winds?

Is the magnet strong enough to hold the camera onto the base in strong winds?

Welcome to the Forum, @BillCanada! I am assuming that you have not yet had the opportunity try one of the WOC’s. I guess any answer really depends on how you define

I have had my test cam on a chimney, without any surrounding wind-blocks, during storms with reported gusts of ~40-50mph and not had any issues… the cam itself is substantial in feel and the magnet is strong. It takes a good pull to get them apart intentionally.
Hope this subjective answer helps!


I haven’t tried the outdoor cam yet. I was thinking the magnet might be similar to the indoor cam magnet so I was concerned about it not being strong enough. I’m glad to hear that the magnet is strong and it takes a good pull to separate the camera from the base.

There is no comparison to the indoor cam magnet. The WOC magnet is way stronger. I’m not saying it’s” Storm Proof “ but it’s a quantum leap from the V2 magnet.
Before taking the leap, I would suggest that you evaluate exactly what your needs are for your planned use and do some searching in the Forum to see others comments. The WOC is a good product but very different from the V2/Pans.

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Thunderstorm, no problem. But you might want to take it in for a hurricane :wink:

Tornado, for sure.

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What about a Geomagnetic storm? Would a Carrington Event loosen the magnet or just fry the electronics? :thinking:

My guess is the electronics would go first, but I would not want to see what a Carrington Event would in this day and age.

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I’m guessing both.

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That would really depend on several factors if you think about it… How strong is the wind, s it a 20 or 30 mph wind gust or a full on cagegory 3 hurricane. Or are you strapping it to a jet flying across the country. I mean its a 25 dollar camera with a magnetic base, be realistic and think a little. The 3M adhesive on the metal disc is pretty secure on a clean surfae such as glass or smooth siding but I wouldnt expect much from brick or concrete. There are a LOT of variables in your question. Maybe you should sit down and think about this for a bit.

The EASY answer… No… It shouldnt be blown off the base in your average weather conditions… The HARD answer… As we all know any and all things are possible on Gods green earth especially under unique and/or unforseen circumstances… Will it stand up to hurricane force winds? Maybe catagory 1 and 2 but 3 and up forget it. Wind is a dynamic and fluid medium meaning on rare occasions it does pick up and carry along other objects with it that could then contact your cam and knock it from its base unlikely as it is

What about a Hailstorm? Or when it rains frogs in the south? What about the residual shockwave just outside the main blast zone of a nuclear weapon?