How stable is the connection between the base station and outdoor camera?

I am going to connect the ethernet cable to the base station. The connection between the base station and the outdoor camera with be wireless. If the base station and the camera are 30 feet apart, can I still view the real-time video smoothly?

The WiFi connection to the Base has as much bandwidth as an Ethernet connection when you consider how much bandwidth the Outdoor camera needs, which is small. I would (and do) place my Base half way to my camera on WiFi for better connectivity.

HOWEVER, there is a firmware problem at the moment with Base station firmware that says if you power down the base to move it, it may not connect via Ethernet or WiFi again. I experienced that bug, and the only way to me to recover was to manually load other firmware.

This doesn’t happen to everyone though, so it is a bit of a roulette game. But I wouldn’t try moving it if it is on

Wyze is working on the issue.

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