How much mbps needed for 7 cameras

I have 60mbps speed. Can I use 7 cameras at 1080p

I get 60mbps on my 2.4ghz and 7 cams work fine

Depends, likely yes, if you are recording to Micro SD cards they are inside the cameras, each having it’s own memory. In which case only the events are recorded to the cloud (events are currently all recorded to the cloud). If you are doing continuous recording to the cloud as well as recording events with all 7 cameras … there is a small speed indicator in the upper corner of each camera when you are on the live feed view. Doing a small amount of math will reveal the answer to your question HD 1080p - 107KB/s is the average speed? Simply multiply that times 7 and you will have the answer, which is, 749KB/s well under 1 MB. However, mine are not recording to the cloud (except events), only to µSD card internally. Each camera is still transmitting over the WiFi to another device anywhere from 70KB/s to around 125KB/s. Well under 1 MB for 7 cameras.

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I didn’t even think about continuous recording, Because I never do that , All of my SD cards are Set for Record events

events are currently all recorded to the cloud, and not to the µSD card.
Wyze may change that at some point?

All of my SD cards are Set for Record on event , not Continuous recording
When set to Record on event , An event such as motion or sound Is Triggered Only that event Is recorded to the SD card, And that is not sent to the cloud, Cloud recordings And SD card are 2 separate things

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I prefer to keep this thread on subject